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Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Dec. 26, 2:29 PM The Toronto Exchange is closed tomorrow too -- If ... mem ghrcap Canada 6
Oct. 13, 6:04 PM WCS Heavy Differential Blows Out to Widest Level S... mem drg250000 Intermediate Ca... 6
Sep. 11, 12:54 AM I really enjoy this new Sept 22 presentation from ... mem bluelight Jr Canadian 15
Sep. 3, 8:47 PM Re: BTEGF ... -- Re: You can read the Q2 ... mem west27 Royalty Trusts 4
Sep. 3, 6:42 PM BTEGF -- Please does anyone know what BTEGF divide... mem west27 Royalty Trusts 7
Sep. 2, 05:32 AM Toronto Home Prices Drop 16% in Historic Five- -- ... mem illini6382 Canada 9
Jul. 28, 9:53 PM This just in from Journey Energy. Seems like a gre... mem bluelight Jr Canadian 10
Jul. 28, 01:01 AM Seems like they are buying back their shares. I go... mem bluelight Intermediate Ca... 12
Jul. 27, 9:20 PM Past few weeks I been building position in this mo... mem bluelight Jr Canadian 20
Jul. 13, 3:21 PM Bank of Canada raises rate one full percent https:... mem Boharm Canada 28
Jun. 9, 09:30 AM CVE CEO "flabbergasted" US Seeks Venez O... mem Stockboy Jr Canadian 32
Jun. 7, 7:34 PM RBC Global Energy Conference (VET, SU) -- Vermilli... mem drg250000 Intermediate Ca... 23
Jun. 5, 10:21 PM Eric Nuttall Price Tgts-Toronto Xchange (x.TO) -- ... mem drg250000 Intermediate Ca... 29
Jun. 1, 3:04 PM Re: I like what this gal has to say. Took < ...... mem bluelight Jr Canadian 14
Jun. 1, 2:28 PM I like what this gal has to say. Took < 1% posi... mem bluelight Jr Canadian 10

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Mar. 24 2023, 12:31 PM ET
created by cfelker (to members only)
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SJT April distribution
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Mar. 15 2023, 11:32 AM ET
created by drg250000 (to members only)
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What percentage of your brokerage investment portfolio is in cash or money market funds?
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Mar. 13 2023, 3:27 PM ET
created by kivna71 (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
Do you have any bank deposits that exceed the $250k/account FDIC limit?
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Community building @ The Coffee Shop, for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing The VF companion site for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing
Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Mar. 26, 5:18 PM I would much rather have a doctor based upon race ... mem bi-jordan Medical stuff 7
Mar. 26, 11:10 AM Bob Dylan saw pornography in the schools coming in... mem vf-psuherb Music 7
Mar. 26, 10:43 AM Peter Strzok references Waco ahead of Trump rally-... mem vf-psuherb Current Events 6
Mar. 26, 10:31 AM Damn right, this is an us vs them conflict-- https... mem vf-psuherb Opinion 5
Mar. 26, 10:21 AM Trump at Waco - 2024, the final battle-- -- https:... mem vf-psuherb Opinion 5
Mar. 26, 10:12 AM that splatt is on the American public!!! how can...This post contains an attachment mem bi-jordan inflation 6
Mar. 26, 10:11 AM Female basket ball player sucker punches opponent ... mem vf-psuherb Sports 4
Mar. 26, 10:06 AM Risk of getting long China Covid! -- https://news.... mem vf-doss2 China 3
Mar. 26, 10:06 AM NPR claims limited evidence that men beat women in... mem vf-psuherb Sports 5
Mar. 25, 6:23 PM teaching racism, any idea why people are fleeing N... mem bi-jordan EDUCATION 5
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